Sep 16, 2008

RUKUFAN ORIGAMI: Mission statement of sorts

Well I'm positively delighted by the amount of positive responses I got from the last two posts. I would like to clarify one thing to you guys though, I am in no means an expert in the matter. I'm just learning this as I go, so please do bear with me. I've decided to push ahead with this as I've developed quite a fascination with this most extraordinary art-form.

Unfortunately though, I'm a few thousand miles away and without access to the local knowledge pool so what I can learn over here is pretty limited. I've been asking my friends if any of them know about the subject but alas, it seems the rest of my generation here is as oblivious as I am. I seem to have however, sparked their interest - as I hope I have done yours as well. It is my sincere hope that more people will be able to share their knowledge with us. Those of you who can, please take some time to learn at least some simple stuff, and if possible share it with us. I think it'd be a great way to spend time with your parents/grand parents.

On a more positive note, I've been told that there is one particular Maldivian here who is likely to know quite a bit about it, and I'm going to try and hunt him down. It seems he organized and weaved a "Bodumas" for a cultural festival here so there's definitely promise of getting some very exciting stuff out of him. The "Bodumas" is perhaps the pinnacle of the art-form and a symbol of our nationality.

I will post how to make that fish (which I THINK was taught to me by my farther) soon.

In other news, Elton John is still gay.


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