Jan 11, 2011

about updates: iPhone Thaana Keyboard.

This post is long over-due and I apologize for not having written it sooner.

as you probably might have noticed, the thaana keyboard currently only works on 4.0x and 4.1x firmware. However since then, apple has released a major firmware update in the form of 4.2.1. This update include a tonne of changes, including changes to the default fonts, font-handling and keyboard configurations. This inadvertently has broken both our thaana fonts package as well as thaana keyboard package. So right now, the keyboard does not work for 4.2+.

The good news is that it IS possible to get it back up and running without too much effort.

however the bad news is that I am currently using an non-factory unlocked iPhone 4 (as is afxal). As of now, there is no unlock for the iPhone 4 on 4.2.1 firmware. Hence I am unable to update my phone to the newest firmware.

The bottom line is that until I can run 4.2+ firmware on my device, I cannot update the packages. I sincerely apologize for this. Hopefully, the dev-team will come out with some good news soon.

P.S - Some of you have asked if I stopped working on these projects because of what happened with eLL Mobile. This is not the case.

P.P.S - yes eLL, I know you have been  emailing people looking for updates.