Jul 30, 2010

Eco Fashion and Maldives

And in our Spring lineup, we have this lovely number.

Made entirely of plastic bags for the Environment day exhibition held at A.Dh  Hangnaameedhoo Madhrasa by two students; Reesh (9th Grade) and Iffath (10th Grade)

This sort of thing hardly ever gets the exposure it deserves.

Jul 28, 2010

Grab Dhiraagu ADSL usage from the terminal

UPDATE: There's a new version of the script out with more options and better configurability. Check it out HERE

Anybody who even occasionally stumbles on my blog should know full well by now that I have some personal beef with Dhiraagu. It's not that they suck..per se. It's just that I feel that they could, as a company, do much better.

Having said that, not having plain-text data available on the ADSL usage page (which incidentally has been trapped in a time-freeze-bubble since the 1960's) is just plain stupid on the part of whoever designed it. No matter though, where there is a will, there will be a way.

Previously I used to do it like this; Simply grabbing the graph image from the concerned page and popping it into eog so I can have a look.

wget --post-data "web_user=${username}&web_pass=${password}" -p http://dsl.dhivehinet.net.mv/login.php;eog ./dsl.dhivehinet.net.mv/comparision_graph.php;rm -r ./dsl.dhivehinet.net.mv

substitute ${username},${password} and eog as necessary.

But that wasn't enough..what If I wanted something in Conky or something to that effect? That would be a lot more convenient than having to look at that fart of a graph they have up there. So I came up with this simple solution.

SIMPLE but NOT ELEGANT... this is ugly, but it gets the job done.

#simple "hack" to grab and decode the ADSL usage
#graph from Dhiraagu. No magic going on here.
#require caca-utils (img2text)
#2010 KudaNai - http://kudanai.blogspot.com

username= #your username
password= #your password
package_allowance=20 #your_package allowance

cd /tmp
wget --quiet --post-data "web_user=${username}&web_pass=${password}" \
 -p http://dsl.dhivehinet.net.mv/login.php

gstring=$(img2txt -H 400 -W 4 -d none -f ansi dsl.dhivehinet.net.mv/comparision_graph.php) #yes...gstring
gtotal=$(echo "${gstring}" | grep 44 | wc -l) #blue colored line
gused=$(echo "${gstring}" | grep 43 | wc -l)  #yellow colored line
gbused=$(echo "scale=3;${gused} / ${gtotal} * ${package_allowance}" | bc -l)
gbleft=$(echo "scale=3;${package_allowance} - ${gbused}" | bc -l)

echo "used: \t${gbused} Gb\nleft:\t${gbleft}Gb\nAllow: \t${package_allowance}Gb"

rm -r dsl.dhivehinet.net.mv

Jul 25, 2010

Guitar Chords: Ey Hithaa

I don't know who the original artist of this song is, but the version I'm posting is the cover done by "Out of Doors" featuring the lovely Ms. Lubaina from their new album "Eyzamaanaa" (out now and available in select shops around the country - try ShellBeans)

If you think the Original was good, you should hear the new one :)


{t:Ey hithaa}
{st:Out of Doors (Feat. Luba)}

{c:Intro chords A#m, D#m , F }
{c:Or play with Capo on 1st - Am,Dm,E}

[A#m]Beyvafaa heydhen vaanvee, [A#m]roohu beynunvaa araamu dh[D#m]eefaa eyhith[F]aa, eyhi[A#m]thaa
[A#m]Beynumeehey aniyaadheyn, [A#m]meyge vindhah fun araamu dh[D#m]eefa, eyhith[F]aa, eyhi[A#m]tha
[A#m]Loabi veynee karunaigaa [A#m]thehmanee hey dhen mih[D#m]aaru heefaa, eyhit[F]haa, eyhi[A#m]tha

[A#m]Loabi mee veyn libey th[D#m]oofaanakee hey, eyhi[F]thaa, eyhi[A#m]thaa

{c:Interlude Riff}

[A#m]Neydheme dhaaimee vey[D#m]naa mi hoonaa eyhi[Fm]thaa, eyhi[A#m]thaa

[A#m]Ashigen mee loabeegaa, [A#m]hadhahaa veyneh libey engeyhey, ey hi[F]thaa, eyhi[A#m]thaa
[A#m]Roohu loabin hehvaalaa [A#m]jaadhuvee hoonun ufaan[D#m]udhenhey ey hi[F]thaa, eyhi[A#m]thaa
[A#m]Ishqugaa, dhen mivee beyk[D#m]aaruvaan hey... ey hi[F]thaa, eyhi[A#m]thaa

Beyvafaa heydhen vaanvee, roohu beynunvaa araamu dheefaa eyhithaa
Beynumeehey aniyaadheyn, meyge vindhah fun araamu dheefa, eyhithaa..eyhithaa

And here is a youtube video of the original song.

Jul 21, 2010

DICT database for Dhivehi Radheef

An year ago I asked myself "wouldn't it be cool if you could lookup words from the Radheef right from gnome-dictionary?"

and so dict-radheef was born.... (bear with me)

a screenshot should give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

now isn't that just dandy?

Anyway I've put it all together in a neat little deb file for you kids to install. It should tell you all the dependencies and stuff. Grab it..install it..voila.


at this time, you'll need to setup a DICT server on your local machine (or intranet..however you wanna roll) if you're installing from the deb, it should grab all the necessities for you, and all you have to do is point gnome-dictionary to the local DICT server.

do do this, go to edit->preferences and click "add". Enter whatever in the fields except hostname. HOSTNAME: and that's it.

for you hardcore types.


Jul 16, 2010


this sshiteskies are being updated yo..

Expect a few things to break in the meanwhile. Sorry about that..

Jul 5, 2010

To boldly go where I never thought I'd go...

Have you ever done something that you really wanted to do, but you doubted all the way through. Should I do it? Would it end in disaster or triumph? There's only one way to find out...

The choice has been made though... there is no turning back.