Feb 27, 2012

updates on Thaana Keyboard for iOS5

I keep getting a lot of questions regarding the status of the iPhone thaana keyboard tweak for the newer (iOS5 and up) firmwares, so I thought I would write a follow up.

for those of you who're in the dark; some time ago I released a thaana keyboard for iOS. This was then quickly ripped off by SOME people for profit. Since then I have not posted any major updates (and the ones I have released were restricted to close friends and family). This version worked all the way from 4.0 to 4.3.3. long story short, come iOS5 - people were left dangling.

I have been informed by sources that eLL claims to have their own developers in Malaysia working on it - which has yet to bear any fruit - so some people can wait for that if they wish.

Contrary to popular belief however, I have NOT been sitting idle all this time. So here is the official word on the iOS5 updates:
YES there is a version for iOS5 that I have been working on…and YES it works. However it is a little buggy right now and hence not ready for a release so NO I will not be releasing it at this time… and NO there is no guaranteed time-frame.
On a positive note however, this version should work across the full iOS spectrum (meaning iPhone,iPad, iPod touch).

and just to show you I'm not bluffing, here's a screenshot of an iMessage (which as you know is iOS5+) being written in thaana.