Feb 27, 2012

updates on Thaana Keyboard for iOS5

I keep getting a lot of questions regarding the status of the iPhone thaana keyboard tweak for the newer (iOS5 and up) firmwares, so I thought I would write a follow up.

for those of you who're in the dark; some time ago I released a thaana keyboard for iOS. This was then quickly ripped off by SOME people for profit. Since then I have not posted any major updates (and the ones I have released were restricted to close friends and family). This version worked all the way from 4.0 to 4.3.3. long story short, come iOS5 - people were left dangling.

I have been informed by sources that eLL claims to have their own developers in Malaysia working on it - which has yet to bear any fruit - so some people can wait for that if they wish.

Contrary to popular belief however, I have NOT been sitting idle all this time. So here is the official word on the iOS5 updates:
YES there is a version for iOS5 that I have been working on…and YES it works. However it is a little buggy right now and hence not ready for a release so NO I will not be releasing it at this time… and NO there is no guaranteed time-frame.
On a positive note however, this version should work across the full iOS spectrum (meaning iPhone,iPad, iPod touch).

and just to show you I'm not bluffing, here's a screenshot of an iMessage (which as you know is iOS5+) being written in thaana.



Anonymous said...

great work.. hoping to see release soon thanks

Husen said...

iPad support too? Very good. Please release soon

MarvFali said...

I appreciate your concerns here. The thing for the Maldivian developers is that their code, however ends up in some shop with an Ad saying that it belongs to them. And they will charge the customers for someone else's work which was released as free... I suppose your intention is right if u don't want that to happen

Almarx said...

Please release it soon, I'm dying for it to iPad 2 iOS 5.0.1

Anonymous said...

please send that to my email i_salaam@hotmai.com

Anonymous said...

How can i download that App...Help Needed

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