Mar 13, 2012

thaana keyboard iOS 5.0.1 available

just to follow up from the previous post here, the latest version of thaana keyboard for iOS 5+ is available. It SHOULD work on iOS 5.1 as well, but since I cannot upgrade my own devices just yet, I cannot test it.

You can get it installed from PDALink in henveiru (for a fee), in front of Shaheed Ali Mosque near Ameer Ahmed/Beach Store. I have not put it up online for installation at this time.


some of the more convenient features of this version include:

  1. Automatic switch to a right-to-left layout
  2. Ability to choose between phonetic and typewriter layouts
  3. much faster
  4. Autocorrect: the phone will learn words that you type, and auto-correct them when you make mistakes later (this functionality is slightly limited, but it works)

I apologize for the inconvenience with the installation method. iPad version is in the works (mostly done, but I can't release anything since I don't own a usable iPad at the moment :/)