Oct 4, 2009

Guitar Chords - Yaaraa Hinithun Veema

Hey peeps... been a while. Just throwing something out there real quick. This is another timeless classic from...errr... I'm not sure who the original artist is for this one. If anybody knows throw me a bone in the comments.

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{title:Yaaraa Hinithun Veema}
{st:artist - unknown}
#chorded by KudaNai
#thanks hassaan
#no copy rights claimed


[G]yaaraa hinithun v[D]eema,hurev[C]eyne hey mih[G]en
[G]yaaraa beynun v[D]eema,dhuruv[C]aane hey ma [G]dhen
[Am]veemaa naah[D]aashey keevve [G]hey,adhi
[Am]noonee nubun[D]aashey noonek[G]ey


[Am]maamaluge meeru [G]vas thakun, [C]maazee handhaan va[G]nee
[Am]loabee ge inthi[G]zaaruga,[C]mi hihiyaalu aavanee
[Am]naahaashey [G]keevvehey,nubu[Am]naashey [G]noonekey
[Am]hiy-ves dhineem[D]ey

{c:chorus x 2}

[Am]kairin kalaa bal[G]aalumun,[C]neyngeyhe veego[G]thei
[Am]sirrei bunan handh[G]aanvefa,dh[C]oo bandhuvee mag[G]ey
[Am]naahaashey [G]keevvehey,nubu[Am]naashey [G]noonekey
[Am]hiy-ves dhineem[D]ey