Nov 24, 2009

Guitar Chords - Ilaahi mi bin (Unoosha's version)

Hey peeps.

This is one of my all time (and your) favourite classic of classics transcribed for the acoustic guitar. I'm sure no self respecting Maldivian needs a second introduction to this song (if you do, ask your mom). Note that this is based on Unoosha's rendition of the song and not the original. If you see this Kiddy, you did a great job.

You can find her version on her facebook fan-page HERE.
the original should be somewhere on youtube.

btw, if anybody is wondering if this is an "original maldivian" song, it's not.

Hindi Song

Ideally played on two guitars.

oh and before you go and steal my work and claim all the credit...fuck you... you guys suck. You know who you are. The rest of you, enjoy these guitar chords of ilaahi mi bin (ilahi mi bin,ilaahee mi bin etc...) ( search ;))

Check out the rest of my chords and stuff.

{t:Ilaahee Mi-bin}
{st:Unoosha's version}
#compiled by KudaNai
#No copyright claim

{c:A slow arpeggio picking works nicely with this.
It's meant to be a slow song, so don't rush it.}

e |------------12-----|-12-14 16-17-14-12-|
b |----12-14 15-------|-------------------|
g |-14----------------|-------------------|
d |-------------------|-------------------|
a |-------------------|-------------------|
E |-------------------|-------------------|

A D Bm E
e |-12-14-16-17-14-12-|-------------------|
b |-------------------|---14-14-15-12-12--|
g |-------------------|-------------------|
d |-------------------|-------------------|
a |-------------------|-------------------|
E |-------------------|-------------------|

[A]ilaahee mi bin,kur[D]avaandhey am[A]aan
mi-al[D]haage uf[A]an dhiveh[Bm]een ge mi b[E]in
thib[A]aa hazrathun, oh[Bm]ey madhadhun
fil[A]aa numedhaa, dhiveh[E]eenge mi b[A]in


A Bm C#m E A
e |-0--------|-2--------|-4--------|-7------5--|
b |----2-----|---3------|----5-----|----9---5--|
g |-------2--|------4---|-------6--|--------6--|
d |-2--------|-4--------|-6--------|-9------9--|
a |----------|----------|----------|--------9--|
E |----------|----------|----------|--------5--|

mith[D]aange vayaa, mith[A]aange fenaa
mith[D]aange kandaa, ek[A]anduge oyaa
gath[D]aa uthares, mi r[A]ukuge fanaa
mith[D]aa mi alh[E]aa ge g[A]ulhifaivaa

gudhur[A]athuge il[Bm]aahee n[E]iumathuga
ab[E]dhuge abadh[D]ah dhirem[A]un dhiremun


mig[D]aumuge kaa'baf[A]ainge leyaa
ek[D]ashithah ekuve d[A]hiya veyya
miy[D]avvure vaki az[A]eezu thanei
nuv[D]aa mi alh[E]aa uf[A]an vi hiyaa

thiya math[A]iveri r[Bm]ahumathug[E]aa lavva
barak[E]aathuge v[D]aarey vi[A]ssavamun


e |-----------5-7-9-10-12-14-16-17--|
b |---------5-----------------------|
g |-------6-------------------------|
d |-----7---------------------------|
a |---7-----------------------------|
E |-5-------------------------------|

Nov 18, 2009

Replying to Facebook mail on command line

this is a little helper script that I wrote to use in conjunction with FBCMD to reply to inbox messages directly on the command line without going to the website.

It takes two args, the message number (as given out by fbcmd inbox) and the message itself. pretty straightforward. Just throwing it out there.

it's meant to be used with fbcmd, but if you like you can provide a thread_id to it as well (slight mod might be needed)


use strict;
use WWW::Mechanize;
use HTTP::Cookies;

my $username = 'youremail';
my $password = 'yourpass';
my $maildata = "/home/youruser/.fbcmd/maildata.txt";

my $msgid=`php -r \"\\\$ld=unserialize(file_get_contents('$maildata'));print \\\$ld['ids'][$ARGV[0]];\"`;

my $mech = WWW::Mechanize->new();

$mech->submit_form(form_number => 1,fields =>{email=>$username,password=>$password});

$mech->content() =~ /\/w\/(\w+)\/logout/;