Oct 10, 2011

Donate button is up again.

Hey there,

A few months ago I encountered some problems with the PayPal Donate button. It is now fixed, and donations are working again.

If you like any of my work, have profited from it in any way, or just want to help me out, please consider donating. Even small amounts are appreciated. Donations help keep me motivated, and pay for my education.

Thank you.

Oct 7, 2011

touch! SMS app now on Cydia @MMi repo

I just released a small project that has been sitting on my computer for quite some time. Dhiraagu touchSMS is a small client for Dhiraagu's websms. Search for "Dhiraagu toucSMS" on cydia and install.

It is pretty barebones for now (as it was primarily designed for personal use), but I hope to update it soon and include more error checking routines.. If you encounter any major problems, drop me a line here, or holla @kudanai on twitter.

Thanks @a_rishwan for the support, and the artwork.

Some Known Bugs:

The implementation is pretty rudimentary and you MAY encounter some problems. Firstly, the backend API is far from  complete, and will sometimes act inconsistently. Messages MAY have gotten through even if "request timeouts" occur. Secondly, the "connection checking" doesn't work too reliably so you yourself may need to verify that the internet connection IS in fact, working.

in honor of SJobs. May he rest in peace and his legacy live on for generations to come.


touch! SMS v0.1 screenshot