Oct 27, 2010

Tab Completion for Dhiraagu WebSMS Script

A LONNNNG LOONG time ago (two years specifically) I wrote a bash script that would allow me to send websms's on the command line.

This script has been working perfectly for me since the day I wrote it. However, the problem was that my "directory" file had started to grow a little out of proportion, and I started having trouble remembering all the aliases I put in it. So I wanted to enable custom tab completions on the script.

Enter this tiny bit of code.
All you have to do is insert the following at the end of your bashrc file (usually in ~/.bashrc)

complete -F _bdwsmscomplete websms
 local WSMSDIR="$HOME/.wsmsdir" #change accordingly
 OPTS="-h -v -s -d -u -p -n"
 CONTACTS="$(cut -f1 -d',' ${WSMSDIR})"
 if [[ ${CUR} = -* ]]
  COMPREPLY=($(compgen -W "${OPTS}" -- ${CUR}))
  return 0
 case ${PRE} in 
   COMPREPLY=($(compgen -W "${CONTACTS}" -- ${CUR}))
   return 0
   COMPREPLY=($(compgen -W "-n" -- ${CUR}))
   return 0

 return 0

If everything went well, you should be able to hit the [TAB] key while at the -n option and it'll automatically try to fill in the name of your contact.Enjoy!

P.S You'll need to re-open the terminal.

Oct 17, 2010

RELEASE - Thaana Keyboard for iPhone is now LIVE

It's here! So much for my "teaser campaign"..

If you have an iOS4+ (firmware 4.0 and above) device and you're jailbroken, you can now enjoy typing stuff (including emails,sms's,contacts,etc...) in Dhivehi, right from your phone. (yes...you can SMS other iPhones and some Android phones  in thaana - see here and here on how to install thaana font on android)

Head on over to Cydia and put http://www.m0bi.com/cydia in your sources list.
Add the m0bi repo to your cydia sources,refresh and install the package from the package list. If you're a complete n00b and have no idea how to do that, follow this guide here on how to add cydia sources.

Hit the jump for a screenshot tour on how to enable the new keyboard.

So once you have the m0bi repo setup, tap on it and you'll be able to see all the packages from the repo. Look for iThaanaKB or Thaana (Phonetic) Keyboard in the list. tap..install... And follow the picture story below.

We are releasing this under the terms of GNULesser

Many thanks and respect to kennyTM,fabkk2002 and all the other guys who helped out. Wouldn't have been possible without the work you guys put into it. And thanks once again to ap0 for the support and hosting.











Oct 16, 2010

iPhone Thaana Keyboard (Coming Soon)

Update: The SHTF in a day or so - stay peeled! 

Bringing the iPhone (I know you have one) a little close to home. Here is a little teaser for those of you interested.

Keey an eye out here, and don't forget to add http://www.m0bi.com/cydia to your cydia sources. (No this is NOT being developed by eLL M0bile's people in Malaysia. They had nothing to do with this.)

Read more after the jump

Oct 10, 2010

Dear eLL Mobile (and others)

This has been a long time coming. I didn't want to do this; I did not want to appear like a self absorbed attention whoring bitch. I did not want to do this simply because I do what I do for goodwill, and for the love of it. I do not seek name, profit or fame. I simply wish that somebody somewhere (including myself) may someday find use for whatever I have done here.

I was saddened today to learn that eLL mobile - among others - have been profiting off our (myself and afxal) work with the iPhone iOS thaana font pack and the alQuran dhivehi translation mod. Perhaps "profiting" is too mild a word to describe it.

I understand that you are a business venture. I have no problems with you installing them on your customers phones. I have no problems with you using our repository. I don't even have a problem with you charging a small service charge for the process. You are most welcome to do so. what I do have a problem with however, is your interpretation of the term "small service fee". 

Sure it incurs bandwidth costs and time (time=money afterall,) but I hardly think that 100Rf to install the font-pack is a fair price. I can get 20, I can get 30...I can even understand 40, but 100? that's pushing it.  I can only imagine the kind of profits you're making. To top it off, you actually had the nerve to claim that you "developed" it, and that you are "developing" solutions for 3.1.3 devices. That it would take about two more months to complete it. Now if you really are working on your own solution, please accept my apologies. Let me know if you need help - I would be glad to share my own experience.

Not only have you failed to respect the hard work that we put into this, you have failed to recognize it. You have even gone to such lengths as to remove the repository once you're done installing, and removing the link to my blog. I put the blog link there for a reason. So that people can know where the translation came from, and they could report problems. The idea is not to garner attention, but to get feedback. Feedback that could have helped improve things.

I am not waging war against you. I am not starting an anti-campaign against you. I just wanted to let you know that your blatant disregard for the spirit of community has deeply upset me. I am not seeking compensation or apologies or anything of that regard. A simple thank you initially is all the compensation that I would have ever demanded. What I am asking for, what I really want - is a little respect. Not for me or afxal; but for the people whom you are so blatantly exploiting.

Are we really to feed off each other? are we truly that lost? Have we forgotten the saying that what we give will comeback to us tenfold? Have we been so corrupted by "business" that we have forgotten the value of a common, simple courtesy?