Jul 29, 2012

Maldives Internet Radio

edit: 9th Aug, 2012: now includes 97minivan courtesy of @softwath

Living abroad during Ramadan is known to cause a higher than normal sense of nostalgia; a well known phenomenon among us. It's just not the same without the sound of the telly with 'muhamadu rasullullah' or the local radio in the lead-up to breakfast.

Pretty much all the local radio stations have an internet stream, but I find the exercise  of hunting them down a bit tedious; and I'll be damned if I will install the windows media player extension on my browser. So I've done the next best thing, i.e. import these streams into VLC. Now all the streams (those that I could find anyway) are now in a nice little playlist.

I figured I would share this with you guys so here it is.
a playlist for Maldivian internet radio stations ...


NOTE: I haven't been able to find VOM89 and a working stream for FARAWAY. the HFM stream seems to be offline right now too but I've included it in the hopes that it might work. Drop me a line if you know where I can find these.