Sep 16, 2008


Alright peeps here we go, by popular demand, this here is the nice illustrated guide to making a "fish" out of coconut palm fronds (SO THAT'S what they're called!!!). You could also just make it out of two strips of paper I suppose. I'm not feeling particularly vocal today, So I think I'll avoid the yapping and let the diagrams do the talking. There's a PDF version up for grabs down there. Click the image for a larger view.

You start off with two strips (remove the "iloshi" from one and you'll have two..get it?) and using that...

And tighten. Cut off the excess into whatever shape of fins you like. If you got it right, here's what the finished product looks like (more or less)

Neat huh? I'm particularly happy about how the diagrams came out. If you liked that please take some time to check out my previous posts, and don't forget to tell your friends.


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