Jun 18, 2011

Guitar Chords : Thakurah Bahei (Zero Degree Atoll)

I don't think that this song will require much introduction. I spent some time tonight filling in the gaps of how I used to play it (which as it turned out was a few semitones off-key).

Anyway Enjoy, and check out my other music related posts here.

lyrics from here

{title: Thakurah Bahei}
{subtitle: Zero Degree Atoll}

# -------------------------------------------------------------
# tabbed by KudaNai - 2011
# http://kudanai.com
# this might be a little confusing. I used to play this in 2,1,1
# dropping the note on the second count which should sound fine.
# I dropped a few fast changing (slide) chords. If you listen 
# carefully you should be able to hear them.
# --------------------------------------------------------------

[C]Othakas maa [Em]kandu, [F]hithakah libi[G]faa
[C]Atha viha nora [Am]dhosha nakathun [A#]nubalaa
Thariyaa [C]burujaa ranga[Em]lhah nufi[F]laa....[G]
[C]Aruvaa jaha[Am]mun dhathurah [A#]nufuraa  
{a: chorus}  
    [C]Riyaleh maa [Am]bodu othakas libi[G]faa....[A#]
    [F]Dhiyagandu nuhi[G7]key nama ee [C]ekugaa
    [Am]Vayashaa [F]oivaru [C]rangalhah nuba[F]laa
    [C]Hiyalehgaa [F]thibe dhathurah [C]nufuraa

[Em]Samugaa molhu[F]kannn, hithu[G]gaame a[A#]lhaaa
[F]Emuney fathi[G]varu farugadhi [C]eh gaaa
[Em]Kamudhaa varu[G]gaa, [F]dhas nuve hithu[C]gaa
[F]Amudhun [G]thakuraa dhathurah [A]nufuraa

[C]Kulhadhaana vi[Am]yas [F]falhuveri e ku[Em]dhin
[F]Hulhangaa dheku[G7]naa vakinuvi na[C]ma ee
[Am]Molhukan [F]dhakkan [C]ovegen [F]hithugaa
[C]Olhigen nama [F]nama dhathurah [C]nufuraa

{a: chorus}  
{a: repeat from samuga, then chorus again}


Anonymous said...

not sure if it's a 100% but it sounds ok to me.

Anonymous said...

plays well. Might have messed the Am and Em I'm not sure. Good job.

Anonymous said...

I think the Em at the end at "falhuveri ekudhin" should be an A#... Otherwise nice job.

yetiamalive said...

nice.. thanks...

Imma said...

its better to put capo on third fret and sing with a tone which matches the transepose.. well done! great song... thanks for the codes..

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