Sep 6, 2010

Zekr: Changing Translation Display Font

Since I wrote about the availability of Dhivehi translation text for Zekr: The open source quranic study software, I've received numerous complaints about being unable to change the font that is used to display the text. Brother Mohsen of the Zekr project was kind enough to help us out.

(This article also titled: getting rid of or changing MV Boli font in Zekr) - that DAMNED boli font!

in Zekr, goto Tools->Options and select "View" from the side column. From here click the add (+) button to add a new setting key and call it "trans_dv_fontName" and click OK. You can now change the value assigned to this key and add "MV Faseyha" (or any other font you like).

You can also add "trans_dv_fontSize" to specify the size of the translation text.

On a side note, if you want the Quranic text to display nicely, download and install the me_quran font from


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how to change boli font in windows 7?

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