Sep 21, 2010

Overhauling again

I decided that I needed to change the look of the page again. While I loved the pyrmont theme that I was using before, it appears that a lot of other people LOVE it too - not to mention most of them being blogs that I frequent. It was, in effect, beginning to get confusing.

SO! welcome to the new layout. I've made some changes and optimized things a bit and added a few nice features like adding automatic lightboxing to all pictures. Now it hardly uses any images to do the layout, and also relies heavily on jQuery. I'm quite pleased with how this one came out. I wanted to phase out as much of the distractions as possible and make it as clean and elegant as I could.

Do let me know if something is broken though :)


Anonymous said...

Not bad dude

Md35 said...

how are you getting the fade effect? can I have this template?

Anonymous said...

Nice theme. And very good work keep it up

Anonymous said...

release the theme dude.

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