Apr 3, 2009

You thieving bastards!!!

A few days ago I noticed that some people have been "borrowing" my work without giving me due credit. Now normally I would not make a big deal out of such a thing. It's a free world, and there is no policing the interwebs. Everybody knows that, and anybody trying to fight it is... well stupid. That said, it's still a really ass-hole thing to do to so blatantly claim that a particular piece of code or guitar tab is your very own work when you didn't even bother to change any of it. You could've at least corrected the spelling mistakes that I'd made. I mean come on dude!!!...

so this one's out to the guy who stole my shit... and is probably feeling good about it thinking he the man. Nice going sir. You suck! but I'm happy for you.


shootingstar said...

I really even hate people who steals up another's stuff..anyway...just this is a short note letting you know tht i visited this place..

de Irresistible said...

i feel you!

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