Apr 14, 2009

Guitar Chords: Aadheys (Amir)

Here goes another popular song. This may not be entirely accurate (so feel free to criticise and belittle) , but it's playable. This is another one of those melodic tunes you can just strum along to...hum...try to woo somebody with etc..

The original tune is a half step up (I think).
This is in C, so if you want to play it like
it sounds slap on a capo (1st fret)or substitue
the chords like so:

C = Db
G = Ab
F = F#
Am = F


thee neyvaaa ey magey
C               G
vindhey thee magey
hithaa furaanaige dhirumey
F                         C
thee noon hey reydhuvaa magey

thee ummeedhey magey
maazee ey magey
dhelo fureyney dhiyaimaa
thee noon hey loabivaa magey

Am                  G
heyo nuvaaney rovvaafaa nudhaashey
Am                G
loabivaa ey annaashey
aadheyhey mee kuraa

Am                    G
maafu dheyshey, heelaashey
Am               F          G
kukkurevijjeyey, kukkuree mashey..

thee raanee ey magey
milkey thee magey
govaanamey loabi vaathee
thee noon hey aashigaa magey

thee manziley magey
raasthaa ey magey
niyaa ivey tho hureemey
thee noon hey saahibaa magey

heyo nuvaaney dhookoffa dhiyaimee
roala roala hureveynee
aadheyhey tho inthizaar

hoadha hoada, hureveynee
is ufulaaladhee, hiy magey roneee...


Anonymous said...

Thanks bro. Keep them coming

ammaDe said...

I have been trying to figure these out for a long time but couldn't quite get the pitch. This doesn't sound like shaani version but. what key is it in?

Anonymous said...

This is a very beautiful song thank you very much

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