Sep 17, 2008

Running Bash scripts on the iPhone

It's always nice to be able to carry your work around with you. You gotta love some good command line action while walking down the street! In any case, if you find yourself needing to run some scripts on the iPhone or iPod touch, here's what to do!

1) Jailbreak your phone! you ain't getting anywhere without doing it anyway.
2) Make sure you have Cydia installed and then install the packages openSSH, MobileTerminal, cURL (if you want to use my WebSMS and facebook update scripts).
3) Save the script on your PC
4) load up your SSH client (commandline, nautilus or winSCP for windows guys..etc..)
5) Copy the file over to /usr/bin on the phone (or the home directory if you like)
6) chmod the file to 775 (or 755?)

and you're done!
I've been using my WebSMS and Facebook Update scripts on the phone for a while now. They help reduce the overhead of nevigating throught those stupid websites to get things done. now it's in the commandline, nice and easy. Enjoy

P.S I know it's not a very good guide. I got lazy so sue me! This officially concludes the transfer of everything I consider to be of...substance... over from the old blog. New stuff from here on end! HURRAYYY!!!


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