Sep 16, 2008

LWF decompressor GUI

A small VB6 application that I wrote back in 2005, and have since lost the source-code of (otherwise I would have put it up)

LWF (lurawave) is was a state-of-the-art image compression format that uses wavelets instead of cosine/Fourier transforms and was thus able to achieve higher compression ratio's at higher qualities than say jpeg. It would've been a great format if only LuraTech had played it better.

sadly it no longer appears to be supported. They seem to have turned their focus more on the JPEG2000 standard, which share the underlying principles.

This is a front-end for the command line tool that is availible from their website on request. It does decompression only, supports multiple formats, passwords and output quality. It's meant for batch processing of single folders. Requires VB runtimes.


Note: This is pretty ancient if you ask me, and one of the first peices of software that I ever wrote so it has sentimental value to me..Tha and I was pretty partial to LWF when it was the thing and I believed that it'd overtake JPEG soon...guess I was wrong about that. (most of my old image archive is still in LWF)


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